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Do bongs really dissolve THC? No!
Does cannabis really help with cancer? Yes!

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Are bongs a healthier way to smoke weed?

I won’t mess around and force you to read, the answer is 100% yes. Now for those who want to know, here is how it works.

A bong holds a large container of water inside itself. It forces the smoke to pass through, the smoke gets no choice but to literally to swim throughout this water chamber. As you expect, the smoke was quite hot once it left the fire pit of your lighter. Well that cold water is going to massively cool it down, along with the act of traveling through the literal space of the pipe. Then, you inhale. A bit like cypress hill!

Traveling with your bong

Do not travel with your pipes as laws change massively between states and you could land yourself in trouble. Mostly you only find issues if your pipe has been used, but I would still advise against it. Here is a bit of info on the risks.


The only other effective method would be to use a vaporizer, click here to buy one.

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