Types of Drug Paraphernalia

Drug paraphernalia is a loose term these days as it is completely unfair to say that a smoking device is only for drugs. But I’ll save the stereotypes rant for my next post, this post is to help everyone distinguish all the different types of awesome smoking tools. There is a few really popular ones that many will already know and also a couple much rarer, unheard of types that do not get talked about so often. Some may say these certain tools have been lost in time, but I am here to highlight them and remind the world how awesome they actually are!



First up, we have the very popular bong! Most of us will know this type of paraphernalia already, featured in unlimited films and photographs. Arguably invented in mother Africa. If you are wanted to locate bongs for sale then you can start at the best place to purchase bongs or even here and take advantage of their current sale!



A fantastic and less known option. Think of the bong but more portable and easier to handle. A little less filtration is involved but for many this is a really nice way to get a hit.


Percolator Bong

Whilst this is generally a bong, they have become so crazy in their appearance that it can be confusing to many. I believe these have progressed so far in their effectiveness that they deserve to be noted separately. You can buy a percolator bong at herbtools.ca and a couple of other places, but I feel these folks have the best variation.


I’m not so in favor of this, much to popular opinion. But I will let Huffington post explain why.

These are the majority of the available methods. There are one other that can be popular, the smoking pipe. But these are borderline just for tobacco so they did not make the chart this time. Not that they don’t work effectively, but they are known for producing a very harsh smoke that often results in coughing.

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