5 Awesome facts on Marijuana


Cannabis continues to amaze me every single day. I’ve learn a few different facts about marijuana in my time and I decided to showcase the top 5 awesome facts on marijuana.

1. The very first sale made online was for around a Q of cannabis

2. We all know Scooby Doo features a certain stoner. Records show that the first movie was going to contain some risky cannabis jokes but they were pulled and cut from the film

3. In Colarado, USA, there are 3 times as many medicinal marijuana outlets than Starbucks coffee.

4. In Italy Rastafarians are legally allowed to smoke cannabis in public due to it being an important part of their religion.

5. In Brooklyn cannabis really did grow like a ‘weed’ and had to be eradicated by the Sanitation Department

So there you have it, 5 super cool facts!

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