As we all know Marijuana is not legal in the United States for use in any way. This came to be in 1937. Schedule I drugs have the highest abuse potential and have no accepted medical use, now if this is the case then why, from 1850 until 1942, was Marijuana prescribed for various conditions including labor pains, nausea, and rheumatism listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia?

Now Marijuana dates back way before that even. Take a look at the Chinese medical compendium, traditionally considered to date from 2737 BC. Its, Marijuana, use spread from China to India and then to N. Africa and reached Europe at least as early as AD 500.

Not only has Marijuana been used as Medicine from way back but also as a intoxicant, giving the non-medical user a feeling of euphoria.

Marijuana in all this time has never killed anyone. Can the same be said for drinking alcohol? So, If we take a look at the reasoning the Government gives for it’s ban on Marijuana, why aren’t Cigarettes, that are full of additives that get you hooked, as well as alcohol banned by the Federal Government? Now, if you want to argue that the reason the latter two are not banned is because they are not drugs, then look at the listing of chemicals that are used to make Cigarettes.

If you take a good look at the things that Marijuana is helping with today, you need only to look at the States who are helping the sick and disabled right now. Take a good look at California, at Proposition 215.

The People of California voted in Medical Marijuana to help the sick in their State. Since the Federal Government did not like what California did they, the Federal Government, have chosen to give many of the sick a quicker death sentence, like they did to McWilliams who choked to death on his own vomit, because the Government did not allow him access to his Medical Marijuana.

Now I don’t know about you but how would YOU like it if the Federal Government gave your Father, Mother or your Child that sentence?

The ONLY reason Marijuana is still listed as a Schedule I drug today is because Congress is getting ‘Donations’, from pill manufacturers, and not looking at the facts that Marijuana helps the sick. Congress in DC is no longer for WE THE PEOPLE and the US Department of Justice is hiding behind Congress and is unwilling to act on behalf of the people. Looks like poli-tricks is the norm in DC.

You don’t have to go far to read about scandals going on in DC most of the time. And while the folks in DC Sit back with their donations, WE THE PEOPLE suffer to the point of wanting to die. And all because money was more important to the Government than the lives of WE THE PEOPLE. Money is the ONLY reason that Marijuana is not legal in the United States under Federal Law.

In California, Marijuana is listed as Medicine for: Cancer, Anorexia, Aids, Chronic pain, Spasticity, Glaucoma, Arthritis, Migraine or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.

In Oregon Marijuana is used as medicine for: Cancer, Glaucoma, positive status for Human Immunodeficiency Virus or acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or treatment for these conditions, Cachexia, Severe pain, Severe nausea and Seizures, including but not limited to seizures caused by Epilepsy, and Persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to spasms caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

There are 11 states in the United States that have accepted marijuana as medicinal. We are now waiting for the Federal Government to acknowledge that marijuana has medical properties. If you were to look at the Law in Washington State, where I live, it’s used for: Chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting in cancer patients, AIDS Wasting Syndrome; severe Muscle Spasms, associated with Multiple Sclerosis and other spasticity disorders; Epilepsy; Acute or Chronic Glaucoma; and some forms of Intractable Pain.

I suffer from Intractable Pain. Every pain medication that can be used for me has been tried. During a twenty-four hour period, there is not a moment that I don’t suffer. The pain is so intense that it feels like my head wants to rip off my body and by the bottom of my spine it feels like a 500 pound weight is sitting on my back. I feel like this 24 hours a day, 7days a week, etc.

So if you look at these few States that I have listed you will see that there is plenty of accepted medical use. ONLY at the Federal Level is it still a crime to use Marijuana.   When have the Members of Congress started becoming doctors? All you need do is look at the money trail. How much have manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry donated to the Members of Congress?

Look at the congressional corruption going on with Abramoff and the sleazy way the Superior Court in California hid behind the Commerce Clause, stating that the private growing of Medical Marijuana would upset the market on Marijuana sales. Well first off, there are two items wrong with the choice the Court made.

The First mistake is that there is NO legal market for the sale of marijuana so how can a market be said to be upset when there is no legal market. Plus the fact that if the person growing it for medical reasons has the grow operation in their own home and it never hits the street, then how is it adding to the market of sales be it legal sales or the black market?

And Second with all the congressional corruption, how can the Government be trusted to do what is right by the American people when so many people are sick and/or suffering and being mis-led by OUR Government?

When will Federal prosecutors start doing what is right for the American people? How many more people have to suffer before we place new people in office that will care about the suffering of the sick and dying? It’s up to each and everyone of us to do what is right about this matter. Did you know that in the same listing as Marijuana, the Federal Government also has Heroin and LSD listed. Now how many people have died as a result of LSD and HEROIN? How many people have passed away from using Marijuana?

Now YOU make the choice. Do you trust the Government? Or will you look into it yourself and find the TRUE facts about the medicinal qualities Marijuana?

In Washington State, the People of that State find that humanitarian compassion necessitates the use of Medical Marijuana. The Federal Government lacks that humanitarian compassion for all but seven people who get their Marijuana from the Federal Government for use as Medicine.

Now why is it that out of the Millions of sick people these seven people have illnesses that are so different that it’s OK for them to be given Medical Marijuana with the Blessing of our Government from our Government, but the rest of us are left to suffer when nothing else has worked? How can this be allowed to happen in this day and age?

Take a good look at what happened to the man who passed away in jail from choking on his own vomit because he was not allowed to use the only drug that worked for him, and that drug was Marijuana.

But OUR Federal Government forced him to stay behind bars and away from the only medication that helped him. And in Washington State the Law clearly shows in I-692 that The lawful possession or manufacture of medical marijuana as authorized by this chapter shall not result in the forfeiture or seizure of any property.

But in Anacortes, Washington myself and my family have had to put up the first fight in Federal Court over it’s Medical Use. There are no other questions before the Court but this simple one.

This Court battle came to be because the Governors office, our Local Mayor and the Local Police Department are UN-willing to Support Washington State Law when it comes to the Medical use of Marijuana.

Before I ever started my court battle I called the Governor’s office and was told that the the Governor’s office could not help me. It seems strange that the Governors Office could not help, as they are supposed to be in charge of ALL State affairs.

Could it be that it was NOT a matter of being unable to help but instead could it be that the Governors office does not like the LAW so the Highest office in the state turns their head the other way when the LAW is VIOLATED?

The Governors office has not been the only one to NOT care about WASHINGTON STATE LAW. The Local Mayor, when this was brought to his attention, stated that he could not help the violation of state law nor could the police do anything about the violation of state law.

So after going through all the people I could go through to see that my rights under I-692 were protected, I went and filed a case in Superior Court. Anacortes Housing Authority made the choice to violate State Law. The law being violated is as follows: RCW 59.18.550 SECT. D-1 Clearly states that: THE TENANT MAY NOT USE, POSSESS OR SHARE ALCOHOL, ILLEGAL DRUGS, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, OR PRESCRIPTION DRUGS WITHOUT A MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION.

My Doctors Note under I-692 is all the proof I need.


The Law Clearly shows that the Lawful possession or manufacture of medical marijuana as authorized by this chapter shall not result in the forfeiture or seizure of ANY PROPERTY.

The funny thing is this battle did not start over the Use of Marijuana, It started over a ” Service Animal “. My service animal is a SNAKE! Now I know what you are thinking, “Just How on earth could a Snake function as a service animal?” Well I will tell you.

My body throws off a LOT of heat. So much so, that there are many times when I wake up in the morning and I am laying in water from my own body sweating it out. Snakes are Cold blooded and they draw the heat from my body, thus calming down the Spasms enough to where I don’t need the flexeral for my spasms. Thus the Snakes provide a Medical function and in so doing, become service animals protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Anacortes Housing Authority first started fighting with my family when they knew about the snakes, they did not know about the Medical Marijuana as it was none of their business. After all I did not have to report my use of Morphine or my use of Endocet. So why should I tell them of my use of Medical Marijuana as it is protected by law for my use just as my other medications are?

Then it came time for the yearly inspections to take place. I decided that it was time to give them my doctors note for the use of Medical Marijuana because the person(s) doing the inspection were bound to see my garden and report an ‘illegal substance’. Since I have a doctors note, required by I-692, it would not be illegal and therefore no surprise to the person(s) doing the inspection.

Before the Inspection I went into the Housing office and gave them the letter from my Doctor as stated in I-692. It was placed in my file and then the day of the inspection took place. Within just an hour of the inspection my family, that has myself, my soon to be wife and a boy 11 and a girl 9 were given notice we would have to move.

The Housing Manager here in Anacortes has chosen not accept my doctors note and gave an eviction notice for failure to show proof that I am allowed to use Marijuana as Medication. Excuse me? My doctors note IS proof.

Now then, I nor my family were going to take this sitting down so I started calling Lawyers. Because I am on SSI and don’t have a large amount of money, NO ONE wanted the case not even the ACLU and they are supposed to fight for people’s rights. They would not touch the case, claiming they were too overloaded.

There was not a single Lawyer that wanted to take my case for two reasons. First, I was not only in a battle over the use of Marijuana as medication but also over the use of a snake as a service animal. (Snakes are not allowed on Housing Authority Property.)

Anacortes Housing Authority is trying to hide behind the Gonzalez v. Raich ruling of June 6, 2001 over my use of Medical Marijuana. The Gonzalez v. Raich ruling is about the Oakland Marijuana club and NOT about end users like myself.