Below is a list of links to forms that are all about my raid on 05/04/2011

1. When I had my evidently hearing it was told by the Judge to the D.A., that I was protected by the Washington State Code RCW 69.51A.005 And that the only question left is did the suspected confidential informant sign the Provider Agreement form.

2. During the hearing, the D.A. claimed that the suspected confidential informant never signed the Provider Agreement form, since this never went to trial, the last name has been removed. Here is the proof.

3. Raid-Search-Warrant-p1    4. Raid-Search-Warrant-p2   5. Raid-Search-Warrant-p3   6. Raid-Search-Warrant-p4   7. Raid-Search-Warrant-p5

8. Complaint of rights not being protected-pt1   9. Complaint of rights not being protected-pt2   10. Complaint of rights not being protected-pt3 

11. Complaint of rights not being protected-pt4   13. Notice of hearing to protect rights  14. Motion to protect all rights

Great interview from 01/29/12 my trial on KPFT the Drug Truth Network

Great News Story

UP-Date from Pre-Trial on 02-03-12

Current up-date and info as to how you can help make history!