Pros of Legalizing Marijuana


The movement for legalizing marijuana in the USA has much support for a number of reasons, yet still there are others who are against even decriminalizing the substance. To understand the pros of legalizing marijuana it is useful to look not only at how the law stands in different states, but also the two different strains of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis sativa has been cultivated as hemp in the USA for many decades. It is used in the production of rope and other materials, and industrial hemp is also used in the production of CBD, or cannabidiol, which is legal across the USA in certain forms. Marijuana is a different strain of cannabis that is high in another compound, THC; this is the psychoactive element – the one that gives us the ‘high’ when we smoke it – and it is present in CBD products in only very small quantities.

So, how does the law look in the USA right now with regard to the legality of marijuana, and why is there a strong movement to legalize its use?

Why Legalize Marijuana?

The prohibition of marijuana across the USA came into force in the 1930’s, and was largely due to strong anti-Mexican feelings in certain parts of the US. In the years that followed, many millions of dollars were spent prosecuting persons found using or possessing marijuana. Indeed, it is estimated that even now, the cost of pursuing marijuana criminal cases reaches an astonishing $14 billion per year!

Now, consider this: in recent years, 11 states of the USA have already legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. That is as opposed to medical marijuana which is available for certain conditions on prescription. These states include California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Washington and others. Furthermore, 15 more states have decriminalized the use of marijuana. The result is that they no longer have massive bills to foot for prosecuting people for possession or use.

There are regulations as to the amount you can have for recreational use, and where you may smoke it, and some states now allow individuals to grow a certain number of plants in their home. Yet, it is still illegal under federal law for anyone in the USA to possess or use marijuana for any purpose!

For example, in California, an individual is permitted to have in their possession up to an ounce of marijuana without penalty. It must, however, be for their own personal use, with no intent to supply. In this state, the individual is also permitted to cultivate as many as six plants for recreational use cannabis. It is vital to check state laws before you go ahead, as they vary from place to place. 

Tax and Revenue

We mentioned above that prosecuting marijuana related cases costs billions. What if marijuana sales were taxed and regulated, as tobacco is? It is reckoned that, from sales alone, tax across the USA could race revenue of as much as $6 billion per year! Add in revenue from tax on the marijuana growing and processing industry, and it’s clear that the USA could benefit greatly from legalizing and properly regulating the marijuana industry, as the likes of Colorado have already begun to discover.

Though two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, the current administration under President Donald Trump seems oblivious to the benefits.  Marijuana is used to treat many serious ailments with great effect, and helps especially those who suffer from chronic pain, so its medical properties are in no doubt.


There is a growing trend towards legalizing the recreational use of marijuana state-wise across the USA, and as we have seen above, there are strong financial reasons for doing so. There is also a moral issue involved: as it was in the early days of prohibition of the substance, it is still so today that people of color are more likely to be arrested for possession of marijuana than white Americans, despite usage among both groups being very similar.

Legalizing marijuana will not only help America in revenue terms, but may go some way to making life easier for a lot of citizens who simply enjoy their weed occasionally, as well as those who use it for medicinal purposes.

CBD Ecommerce Website Design Suggestions


There are so many parts to Designing a good brand experience. You will have social media and direct customer engagement, your logo and voice, the products you carry, and the customer journey to consider. All of these play into your CBD marketing and these aspects are tied together by your website. Your website functions as your online CBD storefront and making sure it guides your customers, carries your message, and evokes the right feelings in your visitors is all up to the design and layout of your website.

Reports show that cannabidiol (CBD) marketing will grow by an estimate of 700% by 2020. That means huge competition, So you will need to be quick to get into the game and will likely need help to beat your competitors by crafting the perfect website, and through a marketing strategy that cuts straight through the crowded online hemp oil marketplace.


Obstacles with CBD Marketing

Getting your CBD Oil products online has its own set of unique challenges. Issues with payment gateways. Issues with public perception. Issues with being found. So you will want to search out a company that has been there and done that. One that has navigated the waters in this unique vertical and has experience in the CBD website design field. You want someone that is a good website designer but also someone who understands the industry and what customers are looking for in the CBD Products they are selling.

Things You Should Look For in Your Website Design

Web design for CBD oil should be clean, easy to use and make people feel confident that they are on a legitimate company website. You want to make sure when someone lands on your eCommerce site that they don’t immediately hit the back button. Making sure people can tell at a glance that the site they landed on is the right type of website as well as a website that they would trust all happens in a matter of moments as First impressions are paramount importance.

Some of the things to consider with your website and branding for CBD Oil companies. Branding and CBD logo design being one. Let your logo and mark represent who your company is. What it is that makes you different in a sea of sellers? Get a quality logo design & brand that will make people know they are buying from a company that is authoritative and established as well as perfectly reflecting what you want your company to represent.

Also when dealing with an ecommerce website you want to consider the flexability of the platform and also how robust it is to grow and for SEO purposes and you go about ranking your website on google and the other search engines, so it is recommended to build your eCommerce sites for CBD Oil using WooCommerce. It is the only software out there that is safe from being shut down because of big company deals. Hosting your website on services like Shopify or Big Commerce would be a quick way to get you shut down. With WooCommerce, you own and control your own software.

Woocommerce websites are fully featured. Capabilities such as inventory control, multiple images per product, SEO friendly coding, real time shipping quotes, accurate tax lookup systems, reward programs and social media integrations are all possible and easy to implement. WordPress is the largest CMS on earth and WooCommerce is the premier CBD Oil eCommerce system for it.

Next you want to focus on your Content marketing, link building, social media outreach and on site SEO for CBD products to take your new website to new levels.


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